The Criminally Insane freemason Murder Machine. Notes on the Artificial Immune Deficiency disease and it's utilization by masons to murder those they see as undesirable. Zinc deficiencies induced by various zinc inhibitors (airborne - colognes etc.) are being used to generate some of the symptoms of Artificial Immune Deficiency. The symptoms of zinc deficiency are weakness, loss of muscle tissue, diarrea and liver damage. Liver problems artificially created with the same or other airborne toxins induce still other symtoms of the Artificial Immune Deficiency. These liver problems are made worse by aspirin (salycilic acid shampoos etc.) as salicylic acid inhibits prostaglandins which are used by the liver to regrow it's tissue. In the coarse of my stay in this mason cover them up house I have been treated with all of the above and have found the antidotes. I still have a bottle of salicylic acid shampoo that I was thoughtfully provided to help controll dandruff.

Arrest Warrant - Modified (060421)